We have made the shopping experience as easy as possible, you can just have a look around the site and when you find an item/s, it is simple just click on the buy now button - buy now!

When you have finished surfing around the site and want to make your purchase click on the 'Go to the check-out' shopping basket button that's located at the top of every page. Your item will be remember in your shopping basket for 2 hours and then they will be deleted, so you don't have to rush!

Extra Features:

  • Product List:- This displays a list of the whole shop, in product code order, it's a very long list! Use the 'NEXT' button at the bottom of each page to turn to the next page.
  • Basket Contents:- On clicking this button, you will be able to see any items selected for purchase, remember they will be held there for two hours so don't rush, enjoy the site.
  • Go to the Check-out:- This will transport you to a safe and secure part of the web site, using the latest encryption to keep your details safe.

Completing a Purchase:

There are two options here, when making a purchase from us for the first time. An Account can be created or not. If you would like to make an account it will save you time the on further visits to our shop, as it will remember some of your details, for example where you live and email address, and contact phone number etc.

Creating an Account:

Click the 'Account Set Up' on the SHOPPING menu above this will take you to the New Account Form. Simply fill in the fields and click the 'Save' button on the bottom of the form. You can choose any 'Login' name you wish, but remember this 'Login' name for future use.  If this is already in use you will be informed.

If you don't see your State/ Province (County) simple select not listed and fill in the box below! Remember all fields with a BOLD title adjacent to them are required information for you to hold an account with us.

After clicking continue, any missed fields will be requested again, this time highlighted in red to make it easy for you to locate them. If you had to fill in more information click 'continue' again. Make sure the two state / province drop down boxes match if Shipping and Billing are the same!


Final part is to select Shipping method by selecting from the drop down list, then payment method from the drop down list

Click 'Continue' again fill in the rest of the form and 'Continue' again and your done!


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